This part of the process is free of charge and enables us all to decide if we are a good fit.

We normally meet with you onsite, although e-meetings and e-design is also available as an option, when you live far away.

At the initial consultation we will discuss your design needs. The consultation is expected to last 45-60 minutes, which provides us the opportunity to understand and discuss your expectations for the desired space. We will discuss practical issues such as grading and drainage as well as functional needs such as access and views from indoors. Also any design aesthetic and ideas you may have. We may ask for you to put together some imagery from that expresses your taste.

Following the consultation, we will collate the information and provide you with a letter of Engagement and Quote for our Preliminary and Concept design.

Phase 1 – Preliminary

We will produce an overall description of the concept and direction for the design. Expect to see such things as opportunities and constraints of the site, problems that need to be addressed, style preferences etc.

An example of 1 of 3 concepts presented to you in 3D video format during Phase 2 .

An example of 1 of 3 concepts presented to you in 3D video format during Phase 2.

Phase 2 – option of up to Three (3) Initial Concepts

  • We take measurements, or recommend a survey

  • We transfer measurements to computer software.

  • We consider all factors discussed and implications for design.

  • We prepare up to 3 design concepts depending on the number chosen by you. Usually these will be presented in 3D video format and in color.

  • We meet to discuss these concepts.

Phase 3 – Final Concept

  • The best from each concept will then be developed into a final concept.


                 Generally, the cost of these 3 phases run from about $2,950 depending on size and complexity and number of                               conceptual options chosen.

                 Next, if you elect to proceed, and wish to have the design built, you have the option to proceed to the next Phase,                       Design Development.

          Phase 4 - Construction Documents and pricing

                 The design  will  be  further  developed  to  include  construction documents  and a landscape  plan  with plant                             schedule, irrigation  notes, general grading concept, construction detailing and material selection.

                 We can then submit these for bidding, budgeting and timing. We have our own contractors but can submit to other                       contractors as well if you prefer.

                 Obtaining of city approvals.

                 Fees for construction costs generally start at $750 or from around 5% of construction costs for concepts and from 9%                   for concept through to full  Construction Documents.

          Phase 5 - Construction

                 We offer full service and so will provide our own construction team to install and manage the project, or if you                               prefer to go with an outside contractor we offer full project management services or a simple oversight service.