Nigel Staton is an amazing landscape architect with a great eye for contemporary style. He listens and resolves complex issues beautifully throughout the process. He displays a perfect mix of technical knowledge and artistry. We will surely hire him for out next project. Can't recommend him highly enough! 
Natasha Gallaway, Architect, Interior Designer, Repeat Client
Nigel Staton really understood our style and was able to create a look we love and was on budget. He worked with us to install an irrigation solution that utilized a rain water collection system that was not only better for the environment but was less expensive than a traditional sprinkler system. We love our landscaping and Nigel! 
Natalie Martin, Designer, Client
We were extremely satisfied with the quality of work provided by Nigel Staton for our Houston suburb backyard. Working remotely, Nigel was able to take our pictures, listen to our ideas and provide three landscape concepts that were equally beautiful, but gave us various options for building our outdoor living area. Nigel's work was timely and very reasonable. We are planning to hire Nigel and Land By Design for our next landscaping our new home In Shorewood, MN. 
John Bird, Businessman, Client
One of my favorite contractors recommended Nigel Staton and I'm so glad that he did. Land By Design was easy to work with, took on board all my crazy thoughts (and I had many!) and developed them into a cohesive design that is exactly what I had hoped for and more. I'm so happy with the way the back garden worked out we are now working on the front. 
LA Dwelling, Interior Designer, Repeat Client
Land By Design's work is always breathtaking in how it blends the modern with the classic. Impeccable. Nigel listens to your ideas, before improving on them and bringing your dreams to fruition. 
Jeffrey Marcus, Professor, Client
Brilliant. Nigel Staton transformed our Cherry Creek North townhome's outdoor courtyard to an outdoor room. It is simple and elegant. He is a true artist and is absolutely delightful! My recommendation, "Run to the nearest phone and contract Nigel." 
Lyndal Brookhart, Businesswoman, Client
I had the pleasure of spending a fair amount of time in conversation with Nigel Staton regarding his design conceit. I can assure you, he takes time and careful consideration for every project he approaches. He studies the best possible design for the site including all softscape and hardscape selections which will create the most aesthetic outcome. The result is a natural balance and a harmony which is what landscape should always strive for. 
Lauren Jacobsen, Interior Designer, Client

Amazing attention to detail. I worked with Nigel to create a pergola and back yard oasis. It is beautiful, and he was delightful to work with. I would highly recommend him. 

Annette Sponseller - Businesswoman, Client

Nigel is the rare professional who really hears his client, and then applies his depth of knowledge, creativity and extraordinary sense of design to craft something masterful - beauty, function and practicality all rolled into one! All that, and you couldn't ask for a more conscientious and congenial person to work with. Look no further than Nigel. 

Carol Maclennan, Public Health Officer, Professional Collaborator on Multiple Projects 

Nigel has landscaped two houses for us. He is creative, very knowledgeable, and did an excellent job on both projects. One was more elaborate than the other. You can not go wrong with him. I highly recommend him. 

Dr Kaynoosh Partamian, Doctor of Psychology, Repeat Client

Nigel did the landscaping in front of our house in West Wash Park. His work and professionalism was top-notch throughout. He started with basic information sessions with my wife to understand her needs/thoughts/dreams for the front. They then moved into a detailed technical discussion of the plants that would look good and thrive in the front of the house. My wife wanted to nerd out on it and Nigel was the man for it! He provided us with professional drawings, a 3D visualization, and then his crew quickly and professionally did the installation. Highly recommended from A to Z. 
Paul Sheperd, Engineer, Client
I am the contractor working with Nigel the landscape architect. I had a set of his plans, which were thorough and easy to follow. He made job site visits throughout the course of the project. The job came out beautifully with happy clients in South Pasadena, CA. 
Richard Grenier, Contractor, Colleague

Consulting with Nigel Staton and his firm Land By Design, was the best decision I’ve ever made! As an artist and an engineer, I have a tendency to over analyze and overwork my designs. Nigel, through his exposure to both international and modern aesthetics gave me the keen advice and clarity I needed. Nigel's superior business acumen and attention to customer relationships, is balanced with a true sense of joy in fulfilling his duties in any capacity. I would highly recommend consulting with Nigel Staton and Land by Design, when considering your next design project. 

Kathleen Whitfield, Artist, Engineer, Client

Nigel came with a high recommendation but managed to surpass our highest expectations. He is very friendly and knowledgeable and communicated his visions to us with the use of extremely useful 3D software so we knew what to expect. We LOVE our yard and have already recommended him to friends! We have an expanded dining area with a great outdoor kitchen, a wonderful fire table for lounging and fabulous outdoor theater for watching movies with the kids. The water feature adds a great relaxing feel to the space. He was even able to incorporate a cigar nook for my husband!

Monica Perez, Obstetrician, Client

Nigel is an experienced, knowledgeable and highly talented designer. He is incredibly versatile, innovative and responsive to his clients' wishes. He puts his heart and soul into his work and is attentive to details, making the spaces he creates both highly functional and incredibly beautiful. I've had the pleasure to spend time in gardens and homes designed by Nigel and they are all very memorable.

Sarah Blais, Professional Family Councillor

Nigel was able to take a small very minimal space that actually was just a space to walk to the garage. He created it into an amazing area that I was able to use 3/4 or the year here in Colorado.  I was looking for a sanctuary right in the middle of Congress Park in Denver.  Using a lot of the materials found in the yard, he added to it and made the outside of my home now meet the inside.  I loved how he made it a low maintenance upkeep... perfect for the busy life style. 

Michael Moore, Interior Designer, Makeup Artist, Client

Nigel designed and installed a xeric landscape to the forecourt of our property, Downing Condominiums. It is still flourishing today, some 14-5 years later.

Gregg Westwood, Property Manager, Client

Nigel is the best landscape architect. He worked with us from beginning to end. We had our front yard completely redesigned. He drew up the plans, worked on the yard with his crew and then watched the plants grow. During the first few weeks of the planting, we went on vacation and Nigel came over to check on the plants just to see if they were growing okay. Now that is service! He really cares for his clients and the plants. Our front yard is fantastic. We love it and received many compliments from our neighbors. Thank you Nigel!!!
Carol Dooley-Johnson, Property Manager, Repeat Client

I’ve had the delightful opportunity to have worked with Nigel Staton and his Firm Land by Design for over 10 years in the capacity as a client, colleague, and collaborator.

There are many attributes that set Nigel apart including his keen sense of aesthetics, his formal educational background (critical to structural issues, building codes, compliance issues, and ability to create the appropriate construction documents), experience with multi state projects, urban design and planning projects and of equal importance, his delightful and professional personality and follow through with clients and contractors.

My first interface with Nigel was as a board member at the 25 Downing St. condominium development where he was hired to do a massive overhaul of the buildings landscaping. As part of this, Nigel also had to balance the challenge of multiple homeowners with several opinions along with a building budget that ideally met everyone’s needs. Additionally, Nigel was very hands-on during the whole construction and planting process and continued to be a part of the continued maintenance for a number of years post completion.

Handful of years later I worked with Nigel on a large scale urban planning project where I assisted in creating complex three-dimensional models that assisted the community and developers in having a true visual sense of the large-scale project. This type of skill is not common and requires additional computer knowledge, and design construction skills. The resulting two-dimensional and three-dimensional illustrations he created truly facilitated the negotiation processes along with the buy in from the community and its leaders.

In the fall of 2017 I was a consultant on a residential design project of Nigel‘s where we spent a great deal of time with the homeowner refining details and other decorative accents. This particular client is realtor and is very well-versed and particular in the importance of design aesthetic, functionality, structural appropriateness and resale value.

In sum, Nigel is a rare find with an extensive and varied background, skills, and the perfect personality to create any desired vision. I will be more than happy to be a personal reference for anyone who has additional questions about Nigel‘s work history.

Dana Busch, Artist, Psychologist, Colleague, Repeat Client

As an artist and with 40 years in the nursery business (as grower for the Denver Wholesale Florist Company), I have a long-term and deep appreciation for the Landscape Architectural profession. From this perspective I have been honored to follow and engage with Nigel’s professionalism over the last 15 years or so. The most recent project in 2017 followed my move to Denver when I contracted him to carry out the design and build of the landscape to my 1920’s house in Hilltop. The existing landscaping had mature trees but elsewhere badly needed revitalization. Nigel skillfully redefined several outdoor spaces including 2 deck areas to provide intimate and comfortable outdoor living rooms to enjoy at different times of the day. He transformed the plantings into a multi-layered orchestra of color and texture. Pure poetry. Throughout the process he drew upon his immense knowledge and fabulous artistry to surpass our wildest hopes and expectations. He is dependable, considerate, thoughtful, congenial, and timely and always seeks the most cost effective solutions for me. In a world with so much over promising and under delivering Nigel is a true breath of fresh air and I simply could not wish for more.

Joy Busch, Artist, Denver Wholesale Florist Company Grower, Client

Nigel designed a master plan for our historic but neglected Denver home on a double lot with an unfortunate 1980s addition that didn't agree with the 1911 exterior of the home at all. His solutions maximized our home's value and took advantage of the existing structures and mature trees. Additionally, previous owners had loved the look of lots of concrete. Nigel proposed cost-efficient and beautiful solutions to soften the concrete retaining walls yet maintain the existing grading.

Nigel was a clear communicator who listened to our desires for our home and created a plan that achieved everything we wanted and more. His solution breathed new life into our historical home all while being cost-efficient (though not cheap). His designs were elegant and livable. Overall, a fantastic experience.

Carey Nyberg, Professor, Client

Nigel tuned into exactly what I wanted for my project and came up with an amazing design. I am very pleased that Nigel and his team were the ones to help me reimagine and complete my backyard transformation. They all worked in a very professional and courteous manner and that made for an amazing working relationship. And the workmanship was top notch. I would highly recommend Land By Design and I will look forward to Nigel helping me with other projects in the future.

Stock Jonekos, Real Estate Agent, Client

Nigel brings a wealth of knowledge of native plants and has a keen eye for design.  We enjoyed working with him and have recommended him to others.  It is rare to find a quality designer whose prices are fair for design work, and has the team ready to complete the project. 

Steve Gallaway, Businessman, Client